D.A.R.E. Essay

I have learned many things in D.A.R.E class. One thing I learned from Deputy Thomas is to stand up to peer pressure. It is important to stand up to peer pressure because if you don’t you can end up somewhere and do something you don’t want to do or be.

Another thing that I learned in D.A.R.E. class is that if you smoke tobacco or drink and you know you’re not supposed to be doing it you could ruin your friend ship. I like my friends and I don’t want to lose my friends just because I am drinking or smoking something.

I also learned that  tar is in marijuana  smoke than there is in tobacco. Marijuana affects your brain and your body. Marijuana can also cause short-term memory loss. Marijuana can  also causes cancer, breathing problems and colds.

I pledge to this day and until I die not to do any kinds of drugs, alcohol or tobacco. I am going to stand up to for myself and never let people push me around calling me names just because I won’t use drugs, alcohol or tobacco.


Control My Destiny

I control my destiny most of the time because I have gained lot of responsibility, from my parent’s but I am not sure about the teachers. I do control my destiny about school most of the time because I try to get good grades, If I don’t have good grades in school, If I don’t get good grades for  7th grade and up I can’t keep playing on with my soccer career. I also want to watch for my science grade because I am wanting to be a veterinarian so I got to push my self so I can get good grades through out the years of school.

Something Unexpected

I think Hannah Hart should be in this video because at the beginning of the year she helped Bethany pick up her books when everyone was just watching. I’ve never seen Hannah do that before. I would have figured she would have just stood there and watched but she walked over there and helped her pick up her books.

SS Info

I am doing a social studies and  language arts project for a grade so I am going to be telling you about a Pharaoh named Menes.

Menes was a king of Memphis he also was the first man to be king of  unify upper and lower Egypt in to one kingdom. He died when he was 62year’s old, he was killed by a hippopotamus.

The river civilisation of  Menes was the Nile river, Most of the small farming settlements in ancient Egypt developed on the Nile Delta and along the Nile River between the delta and the first of six cataracts, or waterfalls.


MY Questions

I am reading Twilight and here is some of my questions, I have from today’s reading time

1. What is Bella going to do next after school ?
2. Is Bella going to get close with her dad ?
3. Is Charlie going to spend a lot more time with Bella ?
4. When is Bella going to move back with her mom ?
5. Is Bella going to stay the rest of the year with her dad ?
6. Well Bella get use to Forks ?
7. Well Bella like her new school ?
8. Well Bella like the Cullen’s ?
9. who well Bella like better Mike or Edward ?
10. Who is going to be her best friend ?

My Connections With My Book

I am going to tell you some connections with Bella and I in the book that I am reading, Twilight.

– Its is similar to my life because I keep to my self like Bella does in the book.

–  When I read, it felt like I was in the book with the character.

– Somthing that is different between my life and Bella’s is that Bella is 17 years old and I am 12 years old.

My Sister

You don’t want to wish for a sister

wishing 3 years never happened

she always wants me to play

Have to watch her

I lock myself in my room from her

I like her when she is in bed

My List Of ideas

I am going to make a list of poem ideas for The Reading Workshop below

1. I hate being in math class for an hour and 30 minutes

2. I like being in McGuire class because we get to get on the computers a lot

3.Some times I like being at home because I have a lot of animals and my little  sister to play with

4. I also like being a home because I love watching my little sister when my mom and dad are at work

5. I like the summer time because I like riding my four wheeler and

6. I like my horse because you can ride him and you can brush his hair a lot

7.  I like the sport soccer because I love  running when there is a soccer ball in front of me

8. I like my friend Brandon because I think he cool to hang out with

Christmas Poem Of The Year.

Christmas is white

Christmas is  snow

Christmas is joyful

Christmas is cool

Christmas is presents

Christmas is light

Christmas is long winter night

Cristmas poem

I wish you the spirit of Christmas.

I think that means, that Christmas is not about the the gifts  it is about the love and  the brith of  Jesus.  I want to tell you one more thing about the Christmas spirit, the hope of the world, a chance for humanity was given to us through Christ from God .

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